//The Flex Seal Survival Guide to Black Friday

The Flex Seal Survival Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday can be a battlefield. So how do you prepare? First things first, grab Flex Seal. It’ll help you survive this Black Friday.  You won’t just survive, but you’ll thrive. As you get your checklists together and research your favorite sales, add these 5 survival tips to your list. And this Black Friday is guaranteed to be a hit.

Supply List:
Flex Seal
Flex Tape
● Drop Cloth
● Sharp, High-Quality Scissors
● Glow-in-the-Dark Powder

Survival Tip #1: Waterproof Your Shopping List.
Here at the Flex Seal, “waterproof” is what we know and do best! Flex Seal dries into an airtight, waterproof, rubber sealant. And that can come in handy for your long Black Friday shopping list. There’s no telling what the elements may be like come Black Friday. It could be rain, snow, sleet. You just never know what you’re going to get. But you can ALWAYS be prepared. Keep your shopping list in a bag you can waterproof with Flex Seal. In this case, you’ll always have a dry, crisp list ready to guide you through the madness!

[Did You Know?: People started playing hooky the day after Thanksgiving in the 1950s. It gave them a chance to get a head-start on holiday shopping, as well as a four-day weekend. Eventually, many companies started adding “Black Friday” as just another paid holiday.]

Survival Tip #2: Camping Out.
There’s always that one gift your child or spouse just has their heart set on for the holidays. And chances are other folks’ spouses and children are thinking the very same thing. That’s why you see so many long lines outside of popular retail and wholesale stores. Many times, you see folks camping out – literally. Fortunately for you, the Flex Seal Family of Products are ideal for any type of camping scenario. If you have any rips in your current tent, just patch it with Flex Tape. You can also Flex Tape any broken tent poles back together.

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Survival Tip #3: Glow In the Dark Jacket.
Safety comes first. Make your windbreaker really stand out with Flex Seal Clear and glow-in-the-dark powder. Not only will your jacket stand out in the dark as you wait to get into your favorite stores, but your jacket will be rainproof, sleet-proof, and snowproof. Not to mention, it will help to keep you warm, as Flex Seal serves as a liquid insulator.

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Survival Tip #4: On Your Mark, Get Set.
Fellas, Black Friday is not the day to wear your sassy Stacy Adams. Boots or sneakers are you two options. The latter is probably the most important. Ladies, the same applies to you. Black Friday is not a day for heels. Make sure your sneakers are in top shape with Flex Seal! Flex Seal creates a non-slip grip. So feel free to spray the bottom of your sneakers with Flex Seal from an 8- to 12-inch distance. Do it in an even sweeping motion. Let your first coat dry for 24 hours. Let the last coat dry for 48 hours before putting them to the test.

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Survival Tip #5: A Nice Strong Grip.
Black Friday is a game of “grab and go.” Consider a pair of handy gloves. When you Flex Seal your gloves, you do two things. You help to keep your hands warm during the wait outside. (Flex Seal blocks out moisture and air.) You also increase your grip with Flex Seal’s non-slip grip. 

[Did You Know?: The name “Black Friday” didn’t become famous until 1966. The name was used to describe traffic jams and crowding in downtown Philadelphia stores.]

Flex Seal – A Real Survivor.
Even Black Friday is no match for the Flex Seal Family of Products. If you used any of these survival tips, we want to know! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube – and let us see! If you have your projects on video, tag us!

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

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