//Flex Seal’s 500,000 Milestone!

Flex Seal’s 500,000 Milestone!

500,000 Flex Sealers around the globe? Yes, that just happened. After a few short years of sharing Flex Seal success stories on Facebook, the likes and follows have kept on adding up.

Now, more than a half million people have liked the Flex Seal Facebook page. This makes us one of the most popular handymen in a can on Facebook, and that really makes us proud! Thank you Fans!

As we celebrate such a major milestone here at the Flex Seal Headquarters, let’s do a quick recap of our 7 favorite comments and stories from our Flex Seal Facebook fans!

#1. Flex Tape It Up!
One Flex Sealer knew he could count on Flex Tape to save his dental office from water damage during Hurricane Harvey. Thanks for your support Dean Lankford!

#2. Another Flex Sealer In Love.
A special shoutout to William Austin! William just can’t get enough of the Flex Seal Family of Products. “Love this stuff. It worked very well on projects I used it on. I even had a leaky birdbath… used Flex Seal Clear, and it works fine now.” That’s the magic of Flex Seal guys! It strong enough to withstand outside temperatures. And it’s flexible enough to maintain a tight rubber grip on just about any surface!

#3. America’s Football Team.
Hate ‘em or love ‘em, this Flex Seal fan has taken his love for the Dallas Cowboys to a new level. Check out the garage door he painted with Flex Seal Clear. He mixed in a little glow-in-the-dark powder. And the rest is history. We’re impressed by your creativity!

#4. Flexing on the Golf Course.
James McCord applied Flex Tape to the undercarriage of his golf cart. “No more rattles, and the ride is the envy of many. Quiet and smooth.” Keep repping Flex Tape, James! And make sure you get a hole in one just for us!

#5. Surfing on the Lakes.
Bravo, George Klimowicz! George used Flex Shot to repair his windsurf sail. That’s incredible! Check out the live shots we got from him below. We appreciate your dedication to the Flex Seal Family of Products, George!

#6. Preppers Love Flex Seal.
Not only is the Flex Seal Family of Products useful and effective, it’s lifesaving! Just ask Michael Miethe. As he puts it, “I have added your product to my preppers list of stuff that is needed to stay alive.” Michael is a smart man. We appreciate you, and we vow to give you the highest quality of products!

#7. Rev It Up!
Flex Seal is no strange to cars. Flex Sealer Timothy Legg fixed a rain leak in his trunk, and he says it’s holding up great after a year! “No other adhesive was able to fill in where the two body panels joined (the factory adhesive dried and fell out. To replace would require removing a fender).” Wow! That’s one heck of a testimonial, Timothy!

Something Special for You…

Last but not least, we prepared something special for you. After all, what’s a Flex Seal celebration without a special video for you? Enjoy.

Cheers to Flex Sealing It,
Nick Wade

P.S. If you have any amazing footage or pictures of you using the Flex Seal Family of Products, let us know! We love a good success story. Just follow us on our social media pages and tag us! Check us out here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

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